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If you want to protect your interior concrete floor from chemical attack or heavy-duty wear and tear, but also want to add in color or beautify the surface, you can use Epoxies.

We have our CoverShield E900. This is a 100% solids, heavy-duty epoxy.

We have a water-based epoxy. It’s the E400 WB.

Both of these products are available in standard colors and a clear coat.

We have flakes you can broadcast into these epoxies. We also have a metallic color-pigments that can be mixed into the clear E900 product.

As a topcoat, we have a P650. This is a Polyaspartic. It’s a very fast drying, UV-stable, hard-wearing, clear topcoat. You can also use it as a base coat - if you want a fast turn-around, same day service.

Epoxy Coatings

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